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Selected Fiction and Nonfiction Publications

Publications: CV

published at The New Orleans Review

Short Story

When we lived in the attic we were make-believe. We lived off Big Fizz Cola, cans of Spaghetti-O’s, and apples. We used the payphone at the deli and washed our underwear in the sink with dish soap. Sometimes I worked temp jobs. Sometimes he worked at his mother’s office. Other times, I worked on movies in New York City, what I really wanted to be doing. But mostly, we slept until the afternoon and hid out in our two-room apartment. READ MORE

published at Joyland

Short Story

Everything was fake, right down to my pantyhose, which weren’t even pantyhose. They were trouser socks and I was beginning to have serious regrets about accepting this job interview. Austen & Son Air Filtration Services, “a leader in HVAC and air filtration systems, providing solutions to indoor air quality issues in Essex County, NJ and the surrounding areas for over 40 years,” was not my dream job, per se, but rather, as my mother called it, a means to an end, which sounded so final that I wanted to cry. READ MORE

published at Handwritten Work 


There are ten pineapple rings. Only eight fit in your lasagne pan. After you scoop on the sweet potatoes, sprinkle the topping and dot with a maraschino cherry, you're left with two pineapples and a cup of juice. Both the spare pineapples and juice should be put aside, covered with plastic wrap and offered to a grandchild when they are sad. READ MORE

published at Necessary Fiction

Short Story

Tonight, I built a kite. I taped together chopsticks we’d saved from every order of Bang Bang chicken to make the frame. I wound and glued fat string to make a bridle on the spine, stretched a white garbage bag across the chopstick skeleton, and tied on tails made from a pair of my old red tights. I am in the middle of losing everything. READ MORE 

published at Keyhole Press Magazine

Short Story

Once a year, we gather out on the beach at Franklin’s Inlet, at the very end of Dune Road. We all bring our canvas totes, our monogrammed picnic blankets, our reusable grocery bags of wine and summer salads, fancy cheeses. We bring lists of things to talk about—infant sleep schedules and preschool selection, husband’s promotion, celebrity who died tragically, restrictive diet based on ancient culture—just in case we can’t find anything to say. READ MORE

published at Word Riot

Flogging a Dead Horse

Short Story

published at The Feminist Breeder

Fear of Birth


published Underwater New York


Short Story

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